Benefits of Heating with Infrared

 A properly designed infrared heating system can offer numerous benefits including:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption – Independent studies have confirmed fuel savings from 20 to 50% when compared to a warm air system.
  • Low Harmful Emissions – Infrared heaters burn clean thus putting off low harmful emissions.
  • Thermal Comfort – Heat the floor zone; not the ceiling. Heat energy stored within ambient objects improves comfort levels in the space.
  • Indoor Air Quality – Infrared heaters do not rely on air currents to transfer heat. This minimizes the circulation of hazardous particles, chemical pollutants, and cross-contamination of regularly occupied areas.
  • Flexibility – Infrared heaters can be directed where heat is needed.
  • Modular Design – Individual zone controls increase personal comfort for all building occupants.
  • Air Stratification – Since it is not necessary to circulate air to heat the inside of the building, thermal stratification is reduced.
  • Recovery – Stored infrared energy provides a quick and effective solution to areas subject to periodic high air changes.