Infrared Heaters Offer Green Benefits

Long before the importance of the environment was widely understood, fuel efficient heaters for industrial and commercial use were available in the marketplace. Gas-fired infrared heaters offer a solution to the global effort for businesses to design, build and operate facilities that are ecologically friendly.

Infrared heaters allow for a lower temperature setting, resulting in lower fuel costs. On average, infrared heaters can save the customer 23 to 50%. Two-stage technology can reduce energy costs by another 12% and benefit customers with faster heat loss recovery, improved comfort and a significant reduction in equipment cycles.

Today more than ever, infrared heaters are getting the recognition they deserve for their many green benefits they bring to businesses, including:

  • Proven fuel savings.
  • Possible rebates from local gas companies.
  • Low levels of harmful emissions.
  • Improved air quality because airborne particles are not circulated.
  • Increased comfort levels.

‘Green’ Characteristics of Infrared Heaters

LEED® Points Breakdown

When implementing the LEED® NC (v.3.0) process, there are seven credit categories in which up to 110 total points are earned. The application of infrared heaters can contribute up to 22 points in three of the qualifying categories.

Energy & Atmosphere (EA):
Category point total = 37 points. Establishes energy efficiency and system performance, optimizes energy efficiency, supports ozone protection protocols and encourages renewable/alternate energy sources.
Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ):
Category point total = 17 points. Establishes minimum indoor environmental quality performance to prevent the development of indoor environmental quality problems in buildings.
Innovation & Design (ID):
Category point total = 6 points. Project teams are encouraged to apply for innovation credits if the energy consumption of non-regulated systems are also reduced. One point can be credited if at least one project team participant is a LEED® Accredited Professional (AP)